The 5 Plumbing Mistakes Every Do It Yourselfers Make

Plumbing might seem like a straightforward task with the help of online tutorials and how-to guides. However, even the most careful do-it-yourself enthusiast can run into common pitfalls that can result in costly damages or repairs. Let’s delve into the five most frequent plumbing mistakes every DIYer makes, so you can avoid them in your projects.

1. Over-Tightening Fittings and Connections

Believe it or not, too much elbow grease can be a bad thing in plumbing. Over-tightening fittings, connections, or supply tubes can lead to broken bolts or stripped screws. More than causing immediate damage, it can create a weak point that could fail in the future.

2. Using Drain Cleaners as the Go-To Solution

While reaching for a chemical drain cleaner might seem like the quickest fix for a clogged drain, it’s not always the best solution. Over time, these caustic chemicals can deteriorate your pipes, leading to leaks and breakages. Moreover, there are complicated rules to know when handling these substances.

3. Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

It might seem like a no-brainer, but many DIYers get so engrossed in their project that they forget this crucial step. Forgetting to turn off the water can result in a mini flood in your home, leading to potential water damage.

4. Mismatching Pipe Materials

Mismatching pipes can cause corrosion at the joint where two different metals meet, a mistake often referred to as a “dissimilar metal corrosion” or “galvanic action.” For instance, connecting copper directly to galvanized pipes without a proper connector can lead to corrosion.

For a deep dive into dissimilar metal corrosion, consider reading this informative piece.

5. Failing to Plan Ahead

Rushing into a plumbing project without a proper plan or without understanding the complete scope of the job can lead to mistakes. Often, DIYers end up disassembling parts without knowing how to put them back together.

  • Tip: Study the project in its entirety before starting, and maybe even snap photos along the way to ensure you can return things to their original position.

Avoid Mistakes with Expert Assistance

While DIY projects can be fulfilling and save money, they can also lead to costly errors if not done correctly. For those in San Diego, why not save the guesswork and potential mistakes by enlisting the expertise of a trusted plumbing service?

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