What Is Hydro Jetting? The Effective Way to Unblock Your Drain

At some point, every homeowner will experience a clogged drain. Sometimes, the issue is small and easily fixed with at-home remedies.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

This is when hydro jetting to unblock drains come in. However, if you aren’t familiar with this process, you may wonder – what is hydro jetting, and when do you need it?

Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and more.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a specialized process that uses unique plumbing tools to push high-pressure water through your plumbing system.

The water then breaks apart and removes buildup inside your pipes. This includes debris, limescale buildup, minerals, and larger items like tree roots.

Even though other drain clearing solutions are more affordable, such as using a plumbing snake, they aren’t as effective. If you want to ensure your drains are clear, then choosing hydro jetting for blocked drains is recommended.

How Hydro Jetting Works

To fully understand the benefits of hydro jetting, you need to know how it works.

The service requires you to contact your plumber to provide a system inspection. They will look for damage and ensure that the system can handle the pressure from the process.

If approved, your plumber will send pressurized water of up to 35,000 psi through your pipes, which scours the walls, removes buildup, and causes the debris to be flushed away.

If you wonder how to unblock drains, hydro jetting is a smart solution.

Do You Need Hydro Jetting?

Now that you know what hydro jetting is and how it works, you may wonder if it would be beneficial for your homes and needs.

The best way to know for sure is by speaking to your plumber. If hydro jetting is not the best solution, your plumber can make other recommendations.

However, if hydro jetting is a smart move, you will see several benefits.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

The benefits of hydro jetting include:

No Chemicals

You likely know how dangerous store-bought chemicals can be. They will eat away at your pipes and cause significant harm over time.

If you want to know how to unblock drains, it is best to avoid chemicals and opt for hydro jetting instead.

Lasting Results

Rather than continually dealing with a clog, hydro jetting handles the issue once and for all. This results in long-term clear drains.

Fast Service

Using hydro jetting is a fast and effective way to clear your drains. You don’t have to worry about downtime, either.

Contact Your Plumber to Learn More

If you have wondered, “what is hydro jetting,” it is a good idea to contact your plumber to learn more about the service. Our team is here to help ensure you have clear, fast-flowing drains now and in the future.

Being informed is the best way to know if and when you should invest in hydro jetting services.