5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Water Filtration System

Did you know that globally at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source that is contaminated? While we need water to survive, contaminated water can have some serious effects on your health. Water filtration systems are made to ensure you and your family have access to clean drinking water, but do you know how often to replace them to ensure you stay safe?

Keep reading for five signs that you need to replace your water filtration system.

1. Bad Smells

If your water isn’t filtered properly anymore, you might start picking up on a peculiar and unpleasant smell. The smell is usually an indication that the filter is:

  • clogged
  • dirty
  • in need of repair or replacement

It is possible that you just need to repair or replace a part of the system, but a water filtration specialist will be able to assess your system and help you set up a maintenance or repair schedule.

2. Weird Sounds

If your water filtration system starts sounding like an old water pump, it might be time to install a filtration replacement. While some sounds are normal, especially if you recently opened a faucet, if the sound persists, it can be a sign that the system has some problems.

3. Bad Tasting Water

Bad tasting water will be your most significant sign that something is wrong with your filtration system. When a water filtration system starts to fail, it will slowly begin to affect the water. As soon as you start picking up any changes in taste, if the water starts looking cloudy, or if the water has bits of debris in it, you should inspect your system for problems and see if anything needs to be replaced.

4. Decrease in Water Pressure

If your water pressure has steadily dropped, it might be because your water filter is clogged and needs replacing. Since a drop in water pressure can have many causes, like leaks, it is important to get a plumber to check your systems.

While you can replace the filter and hope it fixes the issue, a plumber will be able to offer more guidance. For example, if the water pressure issue does end up being due to the filtration system, a plumber will be able to replace it for you immediately, but if it is a more major issue like a leak, they’ll also be able to catch it.

5. Slippery Water

If you rub water between your fingers and it feels slippery, it is usually a sign of soft water. If your water is soft, it means your filter is no longer doing its job and needs replacement.

Know When to Replace Your Water Filtration System

While these signs might not all be present, if you pick up anything strange regarding your water, it might be time to schedule a checkup of your filtration system. Regular maintenance will also help catch any repairs or replacements that need to be made!

Feel free to contact us for any and all water filtration system questions!